Don Harris
23 Days in March
Jason Hart Films
23 Days in March
Jason Hart Films
23 Days in March


Height 5'8

Weight 115

Bust 34

Hips 30

Waist 225

Dress Size 3

Shoe Size 11

My mother got a phone call one day, I was about 7 years old, and she told us that it was a modeling agency. My eyes lit up wide. I had never even thought about modeling until then. Today, being a model of 9 years, that is all I think, want to do, and talk about. I was born and raised in Raleigh, NC and I now live in Charlotte, NC. My very first photoshoot was with my God brother who is a photographer. I was ready to show the world what I had and it slowly but surely happened. In my Senior year of highschool I joined my cousin's model group and my modeling life took off from there. I met so many amazing people and had many awesome opportunities such as walking in New York Fashion Week, Charlotte and Greensboro Fashion Week, Golden Scissors awards, and many more. Modeling has taught me to be humble, open minded, and how to be a go getter and never give up. Photographers that I work with are usually surprised at how well I pose, and I just always want to say, "practice is my best friend." Learning your craft is an ongoing thing, and If you love doing what you do, you should be learning regularly.

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